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Exercise Your Second Amendment Spice!
A Family Tradition Since the 1970's
ALL You Need for Maximum Flavor!
This PERFECT blend has everything you're looking for to boost your dishes and get the most out of everything you put it on! 

Spice up anything from simple snacks to dressing vegetables and elevating main dishes, WITHOUT over salting! Bring some of your favorite cocktails to life by rimming the glass with this super versatile mix! 

Add a little surprise and spice to desserts! With the possibilities this blend offers, you'll soon see this IS the ONLY seasoning blend you will ever need!
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Season EVERYTHING to Next Level Goodness:
Soups & Pastas
Fruits & Vegetables
Snacks & Desserts
Poultry & Fowl
Meats & Wild Game
  What People Are Saying:
"...Culinary Breakthrough of the Year"
"GunPowder is our favorite go to! We absolutely LOVE this seasoning that works so well with almost everything. We've used it to season meat, veggies and even our Bloody Mary drinks! It is not overpowering with salt, like most other seasonings we've tried and it has great flavor. It would be a great addition to your kitchen, trust me!"
- Aimee V.
"... One of the Best Cooking Secrets I've Seen in Years"
"This Cajun seasoning is the BEST I've ever head! Previously living in Louisiana, this seasoning is a true taste of it!"
- Steven F.
"...It's Simple Yet Very Powerful. My Family Love It"
"GunPowder is my absolute "Go To" seasoning! I use it for chicken, pork, my steak dry rubs, popcorn, fries, shrimp, I mean EVERYTHING! Sometimes I grab a pinch and drop it right in my mouth LOL! It's my favorite because it has all the flavor without all the extra salt that the other ones have. Oh! And tried it on the rim of my Bloody Mary yesterday and it was awesome!"
- Vernon M.
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